Frequently Asked Questions Podosafe


Generally, people who are taking thyroid medication containing iodine or ones using red nail polish for a long time have issues with their nails turning yellow. The yellowish color is superficial and does not cause any major problems. A block sandpaper used lightly on the nails can solve the problem.

We recommend that you do not use bandages on cuticle removal. The product should be dripped on the nail cavity and for a smooth removal, it should always be damp while working.

The average time is 7 minutes. People with poor circulation and cold feet may take longer. Keep in mind that the longer you leave PodoSafe on, the softer the calluses will get, therefore we recommend a longer soaking time for people with heavy calluses.

No. We have not done any testing to use PodoSafe with psoriasis.

Yes, we recommend a drop of PodoSafe every day, if the product is working.

Yes. Use a drop of cuticle oil and file the calluses in the same direction of the crack. You may need to repeat the process, 10 days apart depending on how deep the cracks are. Make sure to do the buffing gently, without applying a lot of pressure and let the product do the work.

Yes, so don't use pressure when working; as soon as it dries out it returns to normal rigidity. This makes it easier in case of onychocryptosis.

No, the bandages will come off. We recommend plastic film.

No. The skin on top of the foot is a lot more sensitive than the calluses.

We recommend the use of a heating pad, or warm towels, as the heat activates the product. Also, in heavily concentrated areas, we recommend a drop o cuticle oil to be rubbed over the calluses, before applying PodoSafe.

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