How to Instructions and Video

PodoSafe® is a safe and gentle product used for the safe treatment of calluses, toe nail fungus and relief of in-grown nails.

Our special formulation is perfect for:

  • Nail salons – soften calluses and remove cuticles on contact
  • Podiatrists – the safest way to remove calluses and to restore and rejuvenate feet
  • Dermatologists – treat dry, cracking areas of the feet and restore softness to the tissue
  • Diabetics – No sharp tools required to effectively treat diabetic feet

  • We have made an instructional video available for you to understand how our product works. If you have any further questions please email us at


    PodoSafe is a one of a kind formulation used to treat calluses as a safe and gentle procedure that will restore and rejuvenate your feet.

    GENTLE application is of utmost importance. Allow the product to gradually work into the areas needed to be treated and remove excess calluses with a “single application”.

    Severe cases, such as cracked heels, will need 2 to 3 treatments, but they should be performed in weekly intervals.

    Removal of callous in a rough, aggressive way will result in an adverse body reaction, causing “keratosis” or overgrowth and thickening of the skin.

    1. Sanitize feet;

    2. With DRY foot, determine areas to be treated. Spray PodoSafe into a cotton sheet until it is fully saturated and place it over the treatment area. Repeat as needed for other areas. There is no need to apply it to the entire feet unless the whole area needs to be treated;

    3. Use plastic wrap to hold cotton into place and allow it to soak for 10 to 15 minutes. PodoSafe works faster on warmer feet, but you should allow the body temperature only to react with the product. In case of unusual cold feet, a little more soaking time may be necessary;

    4. While the foot is soaking, use PodoSafe to remove cuticles. Apply it to all toes and start removing cutiles immediately. Reapply PodoSafe as often as needed in order to always work with wet or moist area. PodoSafe will not be as effective once it dries;

    5. Once the soaking time is done, gently use metal spatula to rub off calluses.

    6. Once all “jelly” substance comes off, gently use a foot file to gently remove any remaining calluses;

    7. Rinse off feet with water spray, or soak feet in warm spa bath for 2 minutes. Continue using file to remove any existing calluses and use exfoliator to remove any remaining debris. Apply your favorite skin hydrator and massage feet.

    Feet with normal callouses should now feel soft and rejuvenated! For severe treatments, please allow one week before next treatment.

    Thank you for using PodoSafe!