Restore and rejuvenate your feet

PodoSafe® is a safe and gentle product to restore and rejuvenate your feet. Acting only on dead skin cells, this powerful serum melts away the most stubborn and condensed foot calluses without discomfort.

We are proud to introduce this specialty product, with a select and carefully conceived formula that enables smooth and non-aggressive removal of cuticles and calluses. The product does not utilize any cutting materials; your feet will feel relief without discomfort and is seen as the “future” of the treatment of diabetic feet. Over time, we have seen the amount and density of the callus affected areas decrease.

The key to PodoSafe® instant efficiency lies in its formula and its high absorbability targeting only dead skin cells. A tutorial video on best practice and techniques can be found on our video page.

PodoSafe® was successfully tested by SGS Labs without dermal irritation reported. PodoSafe® is manufactured in the United States.